3 Important Google Analytics Report For Beginners.

Google Analytics is the best free tool for monitoring your Website Traffic. With Google Analytics, you can get loads of Information about how people interact with your website. As a beginner, the amount of information on Google Analytics can be overwhelming, that’s why we created this tutorial so as to show you key reports you need to know as a starter in Google Analytics.

If you haven’t installed Google Analytics on your WordPress Website or Blog you can learn how to do that by watching the video below.

Important Reports For Beginners

1. Audience Report

Question: Who are my website visitors?

This report shows you the number of people visiting your website both old and new, their demographics including age and gender, their country, and the device(mobile, desktop or tablet) used to view your website.

This report helps you understand your target audience better and also let you know how user-friendly your website is across all device.

How to view the Audience Report on Google Analytics

Login into your Google Analytics Account

On the left sidebar of your Dashboard click on the Audience Tab 

Key Google Analytics Report for Beginners

2. Traffic Sources Report

Question: Where is my website traffic coming from?

This report shows you where your website traffic is coming from, is it from organic search (This means Google, Yahoo or Bing search), Social media (Google+, Facebook or Twitter) or Direct( this means people just enter your website address directly from their browser).

This report helps you know which source is bringing in more traffic to your website and which one is not, therefore, helping you to focus more on the effective traffic source.

Also, this report is very helpful when Google Analytics is connected to Google Search Console. You get information on keyword people are searching for in relevance to your website. You can optimize your website content in relation to this keywords, therefore, improving your website search ranking.

How To View The Traffic Sources Report on Google Analytics

On your Google Analytics dashboard click on the Acquisition Tab


3. Most Viewed Pages/Posts And Time Spent On Them 

Question: Which of my Page/Post is most viewed by my visitors? and How long did they stay on a particular Webpage?

It is a great thing to have a lot of views on a post/page but it is also good to know how long people stayed on this page or post. A page can have 1000 views but have a bounce rate of 95%  which means the user didn’t use up to 30 seconds on that page which is bad.

Bounce rate is the amount of time a visitor spent on a particular page/post. The Higher the Percentage the less minute they had spent on the page/post and the lower the percentage the more the amount of time they spent on the page/post.

With this report you can know the page/post your visitors viewed the most and how long they actually stayed on that page or blog post.

This report helps you to understand the kind of post that is bringing a lot of traffic to your website so you can work more on those posts so as to drive more traffic to your website.

How to View Page/Post Views Report on Google Analytics 

On your Google Analytics Dashboard click on the Behaviour Tab

Key Google Analytics Report for Beginners


All the reports listed above can give you basic information on how your users interact with your website. But you can get more information from Google Analytics, information such as E-commerce report. Also, you can add and monitor Key Performance Indicator(KPI) such as Contact Form Submission on your website so as to know your website conversion rate.

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